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Monday, April 16, 2012

Talking Points

  • On closing day, most home buyers are excited about the prospect of moving into their new home.  One important final step must be accomplished before settlement: A final walk-through.
  • While plenty of buyers whip through each room with a glance, eager to unpack, real estate experts suggest home buyers are better served by a slow and careful inspection.
  • While some REALTORS® recommend conducting the final walkthrough hours before closing, others advise doing the walkthrough the day prior.  However, if a significant weather event has occurred between the last time the buyer saw the house and settlement day, like a windstorm, heavy rain, or snowfall, buyers should visit the home again to check on the condition just before settlement.  Once the settlement papers are signed, the seller has no obligation to fix anything anymore.
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

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