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Friday, September 30, 2011

8246 Lake Forest Dr. Sacramento, CA 95826 - Video Tour

Doug Reynolds, Sacramento Area Realtor, gives a guided tour;Beautifully Remodeled and Updated College Greens home. Bonus Living Room provides additional space for a total of over 1,500 square feet. GE stainless steel appliances and Granite Countertops highlight the chef's dream kitchen with a breakfast nook, recessed lights and solid maple cabinets with quiet close drawers. 3 bedrooms with original hardwoods floors, remodeled bathrooms, dual pane windows and two closets in the master. Newly landscaped front yard with sprinklers, lime and lemon trees, newer heat and air, 2 year roof certification, and clear pest. NOT an REO or short sale. Close to light rail, river, shops, freeway, Sac state and bike trail. Excellent location, down the street from the swim and racquet club.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

JUST LISTED!! 8246 Lake Forest Dr, Sacramento, Ca 95826 -- Beautifully Remodeled

8246 Lake Forest Flyer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Understanding Today's Home Buyers

Home buyers used to have it easy - all they had to consider when buying a home was price, condition and location. Getting loans was a snap, and reselling the home was never a worry.

But today’s recessionary market is throwing home buyers a curve. They’re not so certain home buying is a good investment, and neither are their bankers.
If you’re a home seller, you need to know what buyers are facing in today’s real estate market, so you can do the one thing that will help the right buyer buy your home.
Price it to sell.
  1. Buyers begin their search for a home with prices.  Buyers may search many neighborhoods or look at homes out of their price range to get an idea of the marketplace. But, when it comes to serious shopping, they know their price and use it to see which homes they can afford.
  2. Buyers are prequalified by their lender.  A serious buyer will not be satisfied with day dreaming for long. They’ll share their financial information, and get prequalified by a lender who will tell them exactly how much they can afford. Is your home in the right price range?
  3. Buyers work with real estate professionals. Once they have a green light,  buyers start shopping. They ask their real estate professionals to start gathering and presenting homes they might like. If your home is priced too high, your best, likeliest buyer will never see it. Is your home overpriced compared to the competition?
  4. Buyers have incredible sources to compare homes. Videos, virtual tours, feature sheets and multiple photos are the eye candy. They quickly sort through what’s available to a short list of the most appealing homes in their price range. Did you de-clutter, clean, stage and update your home?
  5. Buyers choose homes based on bang for the buck.  As buyers walk through listings with their real estate agent, they’ll quickly make snap decisions based on size, condition, and location as compared to price.  Does your home offer the most bang for the buck?
  6. Buyers use the same comparables you do. Just as you and your real estate agent have examined the market, buyers and their agents do the same. They know which homes are overpriced, and they’ll assume that an overpriced home comes from either an unmotivated or unrealistic seller. They’ll make their offer to the seller whose home offers the most for the money and who appears most reasonable to an offer. Do you appear negotiable?
  7. Buyers’ banks confirm prices with appraisals. Today’s appraisals are strict. New codes of conduct require banks to avoid pressuring appraisers to “hit the numbers.” Appraisers are required to go back as long as one year, to determine if your home is in a “declining market.” If so, the appraisal can come as much as 5% under your list price. If the appraisal is under the list price, the bank won’t lend. Are you prepared to lower your price to make the deal go through?
  8. Buyers face unprecedented banking challenges. Banks no longer offer non-conforming loans with abandon. Many banks are balking at offering conforming loans, and those are government-guaranteed. They require stricter proof from buyers that they are able to repay their loans, often qualifying them at much lower levels. Are you willing to help your buyer by paying down points?
  9. Buyers are scared. They have to have a good reason to buy a home, and news of declining prices hasn’t provided much incentive. Help them by showing them all the ways your home has rewarded your ownership. Show them how much you pay in property taxes, how much you get as a homestead exemption, how much you’re able to write off your income taxes as a homeowner. Are you willing to share what buyers need to know?
  10. Buyers don’t have to buy. They want to buy. They want the joys of homeownership, and it’s your job as a homeowner to provide them with the tipping point they need – the best home at the best price. Is your home priced to sell?
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

5 Reasons Real Estate hasn’t recovered yet…

Here’s a good article from Inman news talking about the national real estate market.  It’s fairly long but it covers a wide variety of topics and I agree with nearly everything.  Ultimately, it’s a number of factors and there’s no quick fix for any of them.  We are seeing signs of improvement in strong local areas and it’s just going to be time before the majority of American real estate markets are back on stable footing.  As for Sacramento, I believe the worst is behind us.  We will be bumping along where we are at for a year or two but from what I see in the market, we are in the general area of “the bottom.”  What do you think and why?

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds


5 reasons real estate hasn't recovered

What's happening with jobs, shadow inventory?

By Dian Hymer of Inman News, September 20, 2011
The housing bubble of 2006 burst in large part due to lax lending practices that led up to the housing recession. The collateral damage from these practices hammered personal fortunes through foreclosures and investment losses.
The devaluation of mortgage-backed securities tied to nonperforming mortgages kick-started the falling dominoes in this global financial crisis.
Now the mortgage lending industry is making up for their slipshod business practices by tightening credit standards to an extreme level. This has partly to do with regulations recently put in place that make one wonder if anyone consulted real estate professionals and economists before they were enacted.
It's commonly agreed that the easy-money lending practices that were in vogue before the downturn in 2006-07 should be left behind. Then, buyers didn't need to qualify to get a stated-income mortgage. Unrealistic teaser-rate mortgages were popular, and 100 percent and 110 percent financing was available.
Buyers had little at risk except their good credit, which for many went up in smoke when home prices stopped rising and they were left upside down in their house because the price they could sell for had dropped lower than the balance owed on their mortgage.
Not only were they precluded from borrowing more, but many who lost jobs fell behind on their mortgage payments and lost their homes in foreclosure.
It's a good practice for lenders to actually qualify buyers before giving them a mortgage. Buyers should make a cash down payment. However, many lenders want down payments equal to 20 percent or 25 percent of the purchase price.
Proposed risk-retention rules that would require lenders have more "skin in the game" when offering loans with less than a 20 percent down payment has met opposition from real estate industry and consumer groups. Regulations should be implemented that protect lenders, buyers and investors while fueling a sustainable recovery in the housing market.
Lenders also need to streamline their underwriting procedures. Underwriting criteria have tightened in the last six months. Buyers are told their loan has been formally approved; based on that, they remove their financing contingency.
Then, it's not uncommon for the lender to ask the buyers for more documentation. This leads to delays in closings. Some deals fall apart and put the buyers' deposit at risk.
HOUSE HUNTING TIP: Slow job growth is holding the housing market back in many areas. On the national level, only 25 percent of the jobs lost in the great recession have been replaced. The recovery has been plagued with joblessness and underemployment. The national unemployment rate currently hovers around 9 percent.
Because the home-sale market is a localized business, the housing recovery will be uneven. Some areas, such as Texas; Washington, D.C.; and the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, have strong local economies and are generating sufficient jobs to actually produce a pickup in local housing markets.
To illustrate how important the local factor is, Silicon Valley has strong job growth even though the unemployment rate in California is about 11 percent.
The additional major factor that's keeping housing down is the backlog of foreclosures. Lenders are in some cases holding houses they've foreclosed on off of the market. This is sometimes referred to as the "shadow inventory."
Lenders have tried to keep from flooding an already challenged real estate market with more inventory, which could cause prices to decline further.
THE CLOSING: However, for a sustainable recovery, these properties need to be sold.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How do contingency periods work when I'm buying or selling a house in the Sacramento area?

Doug Reynolds, a Sacramento Area Realtor, discusses the ins and outs of the contingency period when you are buying or selling a home.  The three most important are: Inspection, Appraisal, and Loan.  The standard time period in California is 17 days but that time period is negotiable.  Most bank owned/foreclosure sales only allow 5 to 10 days for the buyers contingency period.  It’s very important to have a thorough inspection performed right away.  And it’s also important to have a very good loan officer that can perform the appraisal and get the loan approved within that time period.  Sellers – you want to make sure you agent is keeping an eye on the time period and making sure they are staying in touch with the buyer’s agent and lender.
(sorry for the quiet and weird sound issue, working on not having that be an issue in future videos)
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thinking about buying a home in the Sacramento Area?

  • Often times, first-time home buyers are so excited at the prospect of becoming homeowners that they start their home search immediately, without knowing how much house they can afford.  To avoid wasting time looking at houses out of their price range, buyers are advised to begin the home-buying process by meeting with lenders and getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan.
  •  Unlike getting prequalified, which is just a ballpark figure and doesn’t require the lender to check the borrower’s credit history, a preapproval provides the borrower with a Good Faith Estimate spelling out the terms of the loan, the interest rate, the type of loan, and the closing costs.
Shoot me an email or text and I can send you a list of excellent loan officers.
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Friday, September 23, 2011

How to select a home inspector in the Sacramento area and what does a home inspector do?

Thinking about buying a home in Sacramento Area? Doug Reynolds, a Sacramento Area Realtor, interviews a home inspector while at a property. Kelly Morris of Morris Certified Inspections discusses the best way to go about selecting a qualified inspector, how long an inspection takes, typical costs, and what a home inspector does. Mention this video to Kelly and he'll give you $50 off your next home inspection. He covers all of the Greater Sacramento Area. Bottom line, Get a good quality home inspection when you are buying a home. It will be worth the money to know what you are getting into.
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mortgage Rates are at Record lows This Month

Here’s a recent article from the LA Times talking about the new record lows for interest rates this month.  I recently had a client lock into a 3.75% interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage.  They are quite happy to say the least.  It’s almost shocking to see how low rates are right now.  I can guarantee one day we will be looking back on this economy and just be amazed by how low rates got.  Who remembers when rates were at 15%??
Interest Rates Mortgage Rates are at Record lows This Month
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Mortgage rates hit record lows in Freddie Mac survey

Mortgage rates have plunged to all-time lows amid concerns the economy is stalling again, Freddie Mac said in its weekly survey.
Lenders were offering the 30-year fixed-rate home loan at an average rate of 4.12% this week, down from 4.22% last week, Freddie Mac said Thursday. The 15-year fixed loan was at 3.33%, down from 3.39%.
Both of the rates set records in the survey by the giant mortgage finance company. Borrowers would have paid an average of 0.7% of the loan amount in upfront lender fees and points on the 30-year loan and 0.6% on the 15-year loan, Freddie said.
 Adjustable-rate loans set records or tied previous lows as well, the survey found.
"On net, the economy added no new jobs last month and was the weakest reading since September 2010," Freddie Mac chief economist Frank Nothaft said in a news release.
"Meanwhile, the unemployment rate remained at 9.1%, marking its 31st consecutive month of being above 8%, the longest such stretch in 70 years."
The rate on the 30-year fixed loan had bumped above 5% last February before slowly grinding lower.
It has now been below 4.5% for six straight weeks, setting a previous low record of 4.15% in the Aug. 18 survey. (Freddie Mac began tracking the 30-year loan in 1971.)
The survey asks lenders for popular combinations of rates and fees that they are offering to borrowers with good credit and 20% down payments or 20% home equity in refinancings. Well-qualified borrowers who shop around often obtain slightly better deals.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ups and Downs of Appraisals in Today’s Market

Since the real estate market took a downturn, some people have complained they couldn’t buy, sell, or refinance a home because an appraiser used bank-owned (REO) or short-sold homes as comparables in the valuation process, which dragged down the value of their home.  While using REO and short-sold properties can lower the value of a home, some homeowners are upset that their county assessor will not use these properties as comps for their property taxes.

•             In California,  some assessors will consider distressed sales when looking at comps, but it varies widely by county, neighborhood, and house.  In general, assessors will always look at non-distressed sales first and if there are enough, disregard REO and short sales.  However, if there are not enough standard sales, or the home is in an area dominated by distressed sales, the assessor likely will take these properties into account.
•             Under Proposition 13, property is assessed upon a change in ownership at its fair market value.  That is usually the same as the sale price.  However, with distressed property, the sale price may not equal fair market value.
•             Between changes of ownership, assessors can raise values only by an inflation rate, not to exceed 2 percent per year, plus the value of major improvements or additions.
•             Under Prop. 8, owners who think the market value of their property has fallen below its assessed value can ask for a temporary reduction to the fair market value.
•             Homeowners who think their homes are worth less than the assessed value can usually ask their assessor for an informal review.  If they are still not satisfied, they can file a formal appeal with their county’s assessment appeals board by Sept. 15 or Nov. 30, depending on the county.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Movies at the Drive-In

This Thursday, September 22nd, the West Wind Drive-In is having Client Appreciation night. Transformers 3, Cars 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides will be playing.
Pack the car full of the kids, snacks and blankets and enjoy a free night of Movies and family fun.  Arrive early as the crowds will be out.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sacramento County Real Estate Video Update September - October 2011

Doug Reynolds, a Sacramento Realtor, provides an analysis of the local market statistics from August. This month discussing how Sacramento area sales went up a bit in August. Inventory is still on the low side at the time. Roughly 1/3 of all sales being bank owned/foreclosures, short sales and regular/equity sales. Discussing short sales and his short sale website www.BHGshortsales.com . Also talking about the amazing low interest rates. More information can be found at his website, www.BuyWithDoug.com, as well as his blog and Facebook page (Doug Reynolds Real Estate). Become a fan of his YouTube page and Facebook pages.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Classic/Funny Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Commercial

Take a look at this classic and funny BHG commercial from back in the day.  Can you figure out who the girl is?  Yup, that's Anne Hathaway's first time on TV.  Enjoy.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Friday, September 16, 2011

Free Credit Repair Workshop in Elk Grove

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate's Elk Grove office will be holding a Credit Repair Workshop for anyone interested.  It's free and there is no obligation to anything.  This is a great opportunity for someone looking to buy in the near future but needs to clean up a few things on their credit report to get the best interest rate possible.  Here's all of the information.Credit Repair Workshop!!!
Tell Your Friends, Everyone Is Encouraged To Attend
We will be helping buyers / sellers understand their credit and what impacts their credit report.
"How To Build Up Your Credit Score"
Hot topics that we will be covering:• Ø How to repair your credit and increase your score• Ø What your payment and credit history mean• Ø Credit score ranges and credit diversity• Ø How credit can impact you financing a mortgage• Ø Managing after a bankruptcy and or foreclosure• Ø How a Short Sale effects your credit• Ø Credit Consulting
Don't Miss this Opportunity!Seating Is Limited - Reserve Your Spot today!
7801 Laguna Blvd. #100,   Elk Grove  95758Thursday, September 22  @ 4:00 pm
Call Darin Marquardt today to RSVP or for more information on other events and future dates. Tell him Doug Reynolds gave you the info.  (916) 478-7130

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Free Movie Night in the Park - College Greens - Oki Park

Councilmember Kevin McCarty and the College-Glen Neighborhood Association Presents:
Movie Night in the Park
Where: Oki Park in College Greens, 2715 Wisseman Drive, Sacramento, Ca 95826
When: Saturday, September 17, 2011  @  7:30 pm.
Movie: Gnomeo and Juliet
Free movie and popcorn.  Come on out to watch a movie with your family and neighbors.  Hope to see you there!

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SMUD Program Rewards Energy Efficiency

SMUD Program Rewards Energy Efficiency
By Howard Posner, SMUD Ward 3 Director

If you’ve ever thought about making energy-efficient upgrades to your home to help lower your monthly electricity bills, this is the time to do it.
SMUD secured a $20 million dollar federal grant through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that will help fund an innovative energy efficiency program. With an array of generous rebates that could reach $9,000 per home and $2,800 per apartment unit, SMUD’s Home Performance Program aims to retrofit about 2,000 single-family-homes and 2,500 multifamily homes with energy-saving upgrades.
Earlier this year, SMUD nearly doubled the rebates available to customers who improve the efficiency of their residences through such measures as duct sealing, new insulation, and new heating and air conditioning systems.
Here’s how the program works for single-family homes: Efficiency improvements are determined after the home is inspected by a qualified energy professional. The inspection normally costs about $500 but is being offered for just $99 through the Home Performance Program.
After the inspector makes recommendations, the homeowner can decide what upgrades to make, with rebates increasing on a sliding scale. Upgrades that boost the home’s efficiency between 20 and 50 percent will qualify for rebates ranging from $2,500 to $9,000. Projects that don’t meet 20 percent may still qualify for a $1,500 rebate under certain circumstances.
Financial incentives for multifamily dwellings are paid to the retrofit contractor to help offset the cost of efficiency upgrades.
For more information on SMUD’s Home Performance Program, please visit www.smud.org.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What the Heck is a Shortsale?

Doug Reynolds, a Sacramento area Realtor, explains what a short sale is...talking about the process, the potential issues, what buyers and sellers should expect. The short sale process is a complex one and also unique to each individual home/borrower. If you are selling or buying a short sale, make sure you are working with a Realtor that is a short sale expert. www.BHGshortsales.com will provide you with tons of Short Sale information for free. Don't forget to subscribe to our video updates, and More information can be found at www.SellWithDoug.com , as well as our Blog and Facebook page (Doug Reynolds Real Estate)

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Monday, September 12, 2011

August 2011 Housing Statistics - Sacramento County

Sales volume increases late in summer, sales price ticks down a notch
This August, sales increased 8.4% from 1,579 units sold in July to the current 1,711 units sold this month. Year-to-year, closed escrows were up 14.4% from the 1,496 units sold last August. 2011 SAR President Doug Covill commented “The numbers show it – sales are up. People are coming out and taking advantage of the low prices and historically low interest rates.” Making up the closed escrows this month were 642 REOs (37.5%), 411 short sales (24%) and 658 conventional sales (38.5%). These numbers have stayed relatively level month to month with REOs down only .2%, short sales up 5.7% and conventional sales down 3.5%.
The median home sales decreased .6% to $165,000 from the $166,000 median sales price of last month. Compared with August 2010 ($186,000), the median sales price is down 11.3%. The $200,000 - $249,999 price  range mode still accounts for a majority (14.6% or 249 units) of the 1,711 total sales this month, while homes under $100,000 totaled 325 (18.9%) units. Closed escrows from conventional financing (640 units or 34.4% of all sales) decreased 3.1%, while cash buyers (539 units or 29%) and FHA financing (543 or 29.2%) increased 4.3% and 4.6%, respectively. The average amount of days spent on the market (from list date to opening escrow) 64 days; the median DOM was 37.
Active Listings numbered 3,907 properties and Active Short Sales Contingent showed 2,298. Active Short Sale Contingent properties are short sale properties on which initial offers have been made and are not entirely “active.” The Housing Market Supply figure for August was 2.3 Months – down 4% from last month. This figure represents the amount of time – in months – it would take to deplete the  Active Listing Inventory (3,907) given the current number of closed escrows (1,711).
According to MetroList MLS data, the average home was 1,690 square feet. Of the 1,711 sales this month, 184 (10.7%) had 2 bedrooms or fewer, 924 (54%) had 3 bedrooms, 485 (28.3%) were 4 bedroom properties and 118 properties (6.9%) had 5+ bedrooms.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Friday, September 9, 2011

Arden Park and Arden Oaks - Sales Data for August 2011

There were 6 homes sold in Arden Park and Arden Oaks in August 2011.  That is a decrease from the 11 sold in the month of July.  Here are the addresses and specific information:

AddressBdBthSqFtLotSzDate$/SqFtDOM/CDOMSale PriceSP % LP
1679 El Nido Way33 (2 1)1,6110.360ac8/27/2011148.980/0240,000100
1442 El Nido Way32 (1 1)1,5310.390ac8/24/2011195.9519/19300,00091.19
1600 El Nido Way33 (2 1)1,8570.350ac8/30/2011201.9423/23375,00093.75
1244 El Sur Way43 (2 1)2,2750.380ac8/29/2011217.58104/104495,000100
1101 El Sur Way33 (2 1)2,6890.431ac8/31/2011185.9440700500,00095.24
4211 Devon Ln42 (2 0)2,1080.280ac8/11/201128759/59605,00096.96
Listing Count 6Averages2,012206.2335/35419,16796.25
There are currently: 21 active listings, 2 active short sale listings, 6 contingent short sale listings, and 9 pending sales.
If you would like more information (pictures, listing history, what type of sales they were, etc.) feel free to call or email and I’d be happy to provide that for you.  Call or email me if you are looking to buy or sell in the Arden Park or Arden Oaks area.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Sierra Oaks, Wilhaggin, Del Dayo and Shelfield - Sales Data for August 2011

There were 11 homes sold in Sierra Oaks, Wilhaggin, Del Dayo and Shelfield in the month of August 2011.  This is a slight decrease from the 13 sold in July.  Here are the addresses and specific details:

AddressBdBthSqFtLotSzDate$/SqFtDOM/CDOMSale Price
4750 Chancery Way33 (3 0)2,0360.290ac8/11/2011199.940605407,000
341 Claydon Way43 (2 1)2,0560.220ac8/30/2011231.0340763475,000
1324 Philomene Ct42 (2 0)2,7590.350ac8/30/2011188.47115/115520,000
218 Hathaway Ct43 (3 0)2,8350.320ac8/10/2011195.7795/95555,000
2940 American River Dr43 (3 0)2,8720.250ac8/12/2011196.7356/56565,000
2721 American River Dr43 (3 0)2,5210.337ac8/5/2011225.1144/44567,500
1900 Lambeth Way44 (3 1)3,1500.342ac8/1/2011190.4840858600,000
3115 Sierra Oaks Dr43 (3 0)2,1160.250ac8/5/2011284.540731602,000
2118 Morley Way54 (4 0)3,3450.380ac8/17/2011224.2240731750,000
720 Columbia Dr45 (4 1)3,0560.310ac8/23/2011245.42110/110750,000
594 Ashton Park Ln44 (3 1)3,8430.354ac8/31/2011260.21407631,000,000
5454 Fair Oaks Blvd34 (3 1)4,9771.070ac8/18/2011205.95129/1291,025,000
Listing Count 12 Averages2,964  220.6549/49651,375

Currently there are: 67 active listings, 6 active short sale listings, 7 contingent short sale listings, and 13 pending sales.
If you would like more information (pictures, listing history, what type of sales they were, etc.) feel free to call or email and I’d be happy to provide that for you.  Call or email me if you are looking to buy or sell in the Sierra Oaks, Wilhaggin, Del Dayo and Shelfield areas.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

Thursday, September 8, 2011

East Sacramento: McKinley Park, Fab 40's, River Park, East Sac, East Portal Park - Sales Data for August 2011

There were 26 homes sold in East Sacramento in the month of August, 2011.  That is an increase from the 21 homes sold in the area in the month of July.  Here are the addresses and specific information.

$/SqFtDOM/CDOMSale PriceSP % LP
1371 43rd St33 (2 1)23290.160ac 358.09103/10383400094.88
1627 37th St32 (2 0)18000.181ac 305.56102/102550000100.01
529 38th St33 (2 1)17200.134ac 302.3348/4852000094.72
4448 F St32 (2 0)18340.187ac 267.1832/15749000098.2
1719 38th St53 (3 0)22410.184ac 211.9684/16047500095.02
5601 State Ave42 (2 0)18180.165ac 226.940668412500100.73
5516 State Ave33 (3 0)14390.165ac 277.9440763399950100
50 Sandburg Dr22 (2 0)15170.162ac 263.0240731399000100
1524 41st St21 (1 0)13860.111ac 287.88114/114399000100
1041 55th St22 (1 1)13180.204ac 299.624063739490098.75
601 41st St32 (2 0)13360.174ac 276.9626/2637001395.12
1620 48th St32 (2 0)14150.138ac 246.6455/55349000100
5208 Carrington St32 (1 1)13680.177ac 248.5453/5334000095.8
1148 56th St21 (1 0)13780.154ac 237.313/13327000100.62
5423 State Ave32 (1 1)12530.146ac 247.4114/1431000097.18
200 51st St21 (1 0)11250.176ac 275.5623/2331000092.56
1544 48th St22 (1 1)10800.138ac 258.3355/7927900099.68
5521 D St31 (1 0)9150.122ac 300.5561/6127500094.86
4802 Jerry Way21 (1 0)9740.138ac 277.199/99269900100
901 50th St32 (2 0)11380.082ac 232.86111/11126500098.15
5327 Shepard Ave32 (2 0)17320.168ac 153273/27326500087.17
1116 56th St31 (1 0)11610.136ac 223.94121/12126000086.67
3775 Erlewine Cir32 (2 0)16440.144ac 152.07165/16525000091.71
620 Dittmar Way21 (1 0)9450.166ac 243.390/023000089.32
130 Tivoli Way21 (1 0)8870.135ac 250.2882/8222200096.94
1441 32nd St21 (1 0)11080.072ac 140.79165/16515600080
Listing Count 26 1418  252.5170/7935970296.18
Currently there are: 71 Active listings, 11 Active short sale listings, 15 Contingent short sale listings, and 24 Pending Sales.
If you would like more information (pictures, listing history, what type of sales they were, etc.) feel free to call or email and I’d be happy to provide that for you.  Call or email me if you are looking to buy or sell in the East Sacramento area.
clear skies,
Doug Reynolds