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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Does holiday shopping include houses in 2013 for Sacramento??

Recently, i've had a lot of sellers (or potential sellers) asking me about the current state of the market in Sacramento and how things are effected by the holiday season of Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas/New Years.  Last year (2012) the market was so hot that it just powered right through the holiday season and didn't even blink about the cold weather or all of the festivities.  The market went up from Jan 2012 all the way through September 2013.  Since then, things have slowed down.  There's a bit more inventory, a bit less buyers and sellers are having to compete with each other more.

SO, i did a little homework assignment.

This year (2013) in the city of Sacramento between Thanksgiving and December 11th (today's date):
138 homes have closed escrow.

Last year (2012), in the city of Sacramento between Thanksgiving and December 11th:
459 homes closed escrow.

Granted, there was one extra week last year between thanksgiving and December 11th.  So if we take only the 13 days after thanksgiving last year (2012):
334 homes closed escrow.

There's your answer sellers (or potential sellers).  In comparison to last year, the real estate market in Sacramento has slowed down quite a bit this holiday season and is experiencing a more "normal" winter/Christmas market.

These stats show it's even more crucial now that when you come on the market the house shows well, is marketed great and priced excellently to attract the buyers.

Do you have a new house on your Christmas list this year??  Anyone else seen a change this year compared to last year??

clear skies,

Doug Reynolds




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