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Friday, November 27, 2015

Interesting World of Sacramento Real Estate - 11/27/2015

Since i became a full time Sacramento Real Estate agent, i have seen and heard many strange/funny/odd/weird/interesting things.  A lot of times i get to see things many people would not in their job since i am inside of so many homes and interacting with some many different people from all walks of life.  Here's a quick look at my latest interesting "thing."

#InterestingWorldofRealEstate: This week i wanted to share some photos from a house i showed in my neighborhood of #CollegeGlen.  This was about a year ago but a very interesting/cool feature i had never seen before.  The house backed up to the HWY 50 so there was an extremely large sound barrier/block wall in the backyard.  The prior owner was an avid rock climber.  They installed indoor rocking climbing holds on the large wall.  This turned the wall into a feature for fun and exercise, for all ages.  If my daughter had been with us, she would have stayed out there all day.  A really fun "thing" i wanted to share this week.  #BelayEquipmentIncluded #3bed2bathWithaRockClimbingWall #Sacramento #SacramentoRealEstate 


clear skies,
Doug Reynolds


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