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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

College Greens / Glenbrook Sales in August 2011 (Sacramento, Ca 95826)

There were 21 homes sold in College Greens / Glenbrook for the month of August, 2011.  That is an increase from the 16 sold in July.  Here are the addresses and specific information.

AddressBdBthSqFtLotSzDate$/SqFtDOM/CDOMSale PriceSP % LP
8800 Grayling Way42 (2 0)1,1390.338ac8/8/201184.81200/20096,600100
2614 Shad Ct32 (2 0)9440.134ac8/12/2011121.8240858115,000105.5
2532 Warrego Way32 (2 0)1,2560.140ac8/5/201194.7513/240119,000108.18
2618 Shad Ct32 (2 0)1,3640.192ac8/17/201195.31119/119130,000100.08
69 Mossglen Cir42 (2 0)1,2920.203ac8/26/2011102.9440700133,00098.59
57 Mossglen Cir42 (2 0)1,2920.162ac8/23/2011104.490/60135,00096.5
8261 La Riviera Dr33 (2 1)1,3700.030ac8/2/2011104.0140668142,500100
8913 Lanier Way32 (2 0)1,1390.170ac8/5/2011127.340858145,000104.32
2623 Whitewater Way42 (2 0)1,6310.147ac8/31/201193.1973/73152,00098.7
8772 Brigham Way32 (2 0)1,2880.190ac8/30/2011118.79216/216153,00097.14
2813 Tiber Dr42 (2 0)1,4680.126ac8/26/2011119.55120/120175,50097.5
8951 Salmon Falls Dr42 (2 0)1,1390.150ac8/31/2011154.4840637175,950103.68
8826 Woodman Way32 (2 0)1,1390.140ac8/9/2011158.03165/481180,00094.74
2652 Bridgeport Way42 (2 0)1,6010.179ac8/10/2011113.6884/84182,00091
8228 Rensselaer Way32 (2 0)1,4480.140ac8/30/2011130.5277/77189,00094.55
2828 Sandbrook Ct42 (2 0)1,6340.145ac8/24/2011116.28112/125190,00095.05
2436 Rio Bravo Cir43 (2 1)1,7730.126ac8/5/2011112.7820/258199,950100
2928 Naples St32 (2 0)1,4110.142ac8/12/2011166.5579/79235,00097.96
121 Waterglen Cir42 (2 0)1,5210.142ac8/30/2011167.650/0255,00098.46
2412 Rogue River Dr42 (2 0)1,8200.184ac8/9/2011146.1522/22266,00098.52
8221 Lake Forest Dr42 (2 0)1,6660.142ac8/12/2011165.070/0275,000100
Listing Count 21Averages1,397123.7264/104173,54898.59

Currently there are: 40 active listings, 8 active short sales, 17 contingent short sales, and 16 pending sales.
If you would like more information (pictures, listing history, what type of sales they were, etc.) feel free to call or email and I’d be happy to provide that for you.  Call or email me if you are looking to buy or sell in the 95826 zip code.  Check back each month for the updated statistics, as I keep a close eye on the 95826 zip code, where I live and own rental property.  Let me know if there are any particular properties you have questions about.

clear skies,
Doug Reynolds

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