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Monday, February 27, 2012

Shopping For The Best Mortgage Rates

Interest rates are the lowest in decades, enticing many borrowers to shop for a loan.  Mortgage lenders adjust their rates based on perceptions of risk, so unless the borrower can show they’re a low-risk individual, the borrower is unlikely to qualify for a rate that matches those seen in recent advertisements and headlines.
Making sense of the story
  • The rates quoted are averages drawn from a variety of financial institutions, and lenders use varied approaches to set them.  Consumers who want to try for the lowest rates available need to consider basic factors, such as credit score, points, property type, down payment, and length of the loan.
  • Credit score: The ideal borrower has a FICO score of 740 or higher, which puts the individual in the best place for pricing.
  • Points: The lowest rates usually are decreased by paying a fee called a point, or 1 percent of the loan amount.  Borrowers may buy points in order to get the best rates at many banks.  Points might make sense depending on the borrower’s financial situation and how long they expect to stay in the home.
  • Property type: Borrowers planning to buy a duplex or a four-unit build likely will have a higher interest rate.  Condominiums also may have a rate premium rate, especially if they are newer or the down payment is less than 25 percent.  Lenders also may charge more if the borrower is not planning to live in the home.
  • Down payment: Borrowers who put down at least 25 percent are more likely to obtain the best interest rates.  Lenders offer different breaks on rates if equity in the property is higher, so borrowers should ask what is available.
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